SPOTLIGHT: 5 songs that make Modenine a hiphop living legend

SPOTLIGHT is where we dig the personalities that impress us, no matter what anybody else thinks. Some of the folks that step on this spot may not be crowd folks, mind you. We picked everyone for a good reason!

Modenine has been around the contemporary Nigerian music industry as long as it has existed. There is no hip hop head out of the continent that can be pointed at as being more consistent with his muse. He has never wavered. Some of his mates faltered and side stepped but Modenine never even thought about it. He never doubted his true love, hip hop, even when the b…ch got on thongs for other n…as. He is the ultimate hop hunter, probably the last stand of true hip hop in Africa, the very last one breathing.

Take a couch if you are a hater. Bow down a knee to the very oracle of hip hop, the most powerful angel on the mic, the one that still holds the torch over the heads of backsliders.  The new gods of our generation speak through hip hop and hip hop speaks through Modenine. All or nothing.

These are the top 5 cuts that created the maestro. Enjoy.

  1. No matter what, ft. Maka

I know you really want the death of me, said Modenine in this blazer. Every true street soldier knows what that means. The spot he is on is one every hop head wants to be on. Unfortunately, no matter what, there isn’t really but space for one.

  1. Let it go, ft. XYZ

The Mode got ace producer XYZ on this killer hook for a serving of his special.

  1. Arsenal Anthem

Arsenal Anthem is a stomp on EPL followership in Africa. Gunners is it for The Mode. Take several seats if you think otherwise!

  1. Badman, ft. A1

Any true hip hop fan can get hooked on this. Beware.

  1. Cry, ft. Nneka

The art of storytelling that made 2pac and Biggie what they are is laid bare on this one soulful track. This is vintage Modenine, undiluted and unsweetened, with that soulful covering by Nneka. You may never have heard anything realer from Africa, let’s be real.

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