How Pastor Adeboye’s anointing gave us Terry G’S Akpako

It is a simple linear story. Pastor Adeboye anointed Terry G after which Terry lived on to produce his masterpiece ‘lyric-onography’ for the redemption of the world: the Akpako phenomenon. The Akpako Master songs make no pretence what they are talking about, which is sexual prowess of the nature that God will unlikely approve as far as I am concerned.

The context of the revelation that Pastor Adeboye anointed Terry G for his musical ministry was Daddy Adeboye’s 75th birthday celebration. Terry G told us, in celebration of Daddy G.O’s birthday, that around 1996 he had an epiphany with the man of God; a  spiritual encounter where holy hands were laid on him (Terry G) by the man of God (Pastor Adeboye).

Usually I smile and move on from such stories. It fits the curious and Nigerian habit of forcing God into every conversation and shoving God into situations I think the Almighty Father will rather shy away from. When they win awards for movies with violence, unholy language and nude scenes the average Nigerian actor will start by invoking the name of God. If you allow them they can sing a song of praise too right there on the stage. Armed robbers and kidnappers thank God after successful criminal operations. Not to be outdone by anybody, politicians heap praises on God for winning elections where their adversaries were anonymously assassinated or their supporters destroyed otherwise.

Nigerians love themselves their God of all colours. The more we talk about God the more our society decays. I don’t think there is anything even divinity can now do about the sad situation now.

Usually I read such things and move on.

But after reading this Terry G testimony, which I am supposed to feel something positive on account of it, I thought maybe it is time to say something. I am of the opinion that if you were going to give humanity the story of a spiritual encounter it might be wise to show something after that edifies God, especially in your most vocal and visible medium, something someone can happily hold out to their children for tomorrow’s sake.

The Akpako Master songs and the larger than life phenom that produced them, in a nutshell, says that the d…k is greater than the intellect; that the sexualized female bum bum is the very reason for existence. I say no to that. I don’t agree. I have kids around that are both pre-teen and teen, children that listen to Terry G and hold him in awe. It is a nightmare to keep them from listening to Run Mad and Akpako Master to start with. If Terry G says anything about a spiritual encounter I want to know exactly what it is he is talking about. I want to know if he just said something that will make my life easier with the kids. Or if not.

Terry G is the ‘wildling’ of Nigeria’s entertainment, to borrow the term from Game of Thrones: as vocal as he is loud and as loud as he is talented. His songs hold a visible spell over the listener, among those that listen to him. I listen to him. Yes, I am an adult. But I found out a lot of kids do too. I am not saying Terry G doesn’t have the right to say whatever he likes or do whatever he likes in his songs and music videos. I am not saying he will go to heaven or that he will not go. Nobody with anything resembling a brain can venture conviction on such things. I am just saying I have the absolute right to keep kids around me away from moral filth. And if your kid has not already approached you to ask what Akpako is I don’t know whether to say you should be worried or you are lucky. Worried because maybe the kid already asked your house help in your absence and your house help explained, maybe in ways and with language you would rather have avoided. Lucky because the negative messaging has not penetrated his nubile consciousness – yet.

So Pastor Adeboye anointed Terry G. I found that interesting. Of course Pastor Adeboye can have not much choice on who he anoints or not. He cannot be blamed for whatever the anointed choose to go ahead and do with the anointing. The issue is that someone doing what Terry G did – and does – with his music, will want to so easily buy into the hallowed religious space that such associations generally trigger in our hypocritical society. Everything is dumped on God’s laps if it can remotely be perceived as desirable and on the devil’s laps if it is remotely undesirable. A hardened criminal will rape and behead a woman and when caught will simply say it is the devil that made him do it. And that is that. A serial kidnapper and ritualist will buy the latest Range Rover and tell you: ‘Na God’.

Terry G remembered his anointing encounter with Pastor Adebye with this moral background. Don’t blame Terry G. Blame our society for perpetuating such myths and for nobody asking questions about it.

Maybe it is even God that gave Terry G the inspiration, after Pastor Adeboye’s anointing, to start Akpako music and to write songs like Run Mad. Who knows? Run Mad was so addictive, by the way, as such songs go, that I played it a lot, back to back. If you see me next to you in hellfire I am sure listening to Run Mad was part of what doomed me. If you have 20 questions in 20 seconds kids around that ask about such things you will understand my dilemma better when analysing the moral impact of akpako songs on the budding intellect of our youths.

Thanks, Pastor Adeboye, for anointing Terry G for us. I just wish you know all the kids in your church that listened to the Akpako Master as of today. I wish you can anoint them all too. Let’s see what will happen in their cases.


odega shawa

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