Is it just me or do you think Falz the Bahd guy is becoming boring?

Is it just me or do you think rapper Falz the bahd guy has become boring? I made the statement expecting to get a strong disagreement from those around. However, to my surprise, I got a resounding ‘Aye’!

Let’s set the record straight! I’m not a hater! I am just an observer of the music industry who tends to lend his voice on the state of things every once in a while. In fact, I’m a great fan of Falz the bahd guy and I think his works are brilliant and he is incredibly talented.

His contributions to the Nigerian music scene cannot be over emphasized. First he personalized and made the “raz” Yoruba accented rap style a cool thing and he is a great case study when it comes to creating a buzz and making it spread like wildfire using social media. That’s a topic for another day but for now, let’s talk about the music.

Falz did not come from nowhere to become the superstar he is today. While many people think his 2015 album ‘Stories that touch’ was his debut, many people are unaware that Falz has been on the Nigerian music scene as far back as 2009/10/11- releasing his own singles and featuring in several other songs by underground artistes in that period.

                             A throwback photo of Falz

At that time, even though you would love him and immediately recognize the voice, never could you tell that a faceless guy with a very different style and comic almost hilarious lyrics would take his witty delivery and turn it into a commercial success like he has done today (only focus, hard work and perseverance could have done that).

With the success of the Falz brand came bangers like ‘Hello bae’, ‘Karashika remix’, ‘soldier’ and ‘Soft work’ which has somehow shaped the pop culture in Nigeria today.  Apart from these songs, he has released countless other singles and brilliant collaborations. ‘Chemistry’ his joint album with Simi was received with wide acclaim.

Falzshows off his 2016 BET award where he won ‘Best international act’

However, the proliferation of new Falz songs has seen a new trend of monotony emerge. The once very unpredictable delivery now seems very flat and the witty punch lines that would make you laugh upon first listen is slowly disappearing.

While his diehard fans may totally disagree and rate all his new works as hot, those who have an ear beyond the surface may have noticed the colour slowly disappear.

Of course there are brilliant moments. The Weh done sir trend is fast becoming a viral phenomenon and the video for ‘Baby boy’ is excellent.

However, I can’t seem to find the spark that was there initially when Falz started his music career. The same spark that led him to make memorable songs up till the Chemistry album.

Maybe it’s complacency that comes with the feeling that he has arrived or the assurance that the fans will love no matter what he releases.

Whatever it is, I think it is time for Falz to evolve. At one point, you’ve got to begin to serve the fans something different. Maybe more concept songs or a new style of delivery! You can’t continue to do the same thing over and over again. Even Don Jazzy at a point in his music career had to restrategize and for his brand to evolve.

Article by: Olumuyiwa George

Twitter: @Delurge

Instagram @Delurge1