10 African Music Videos Our Children Must Never Watch

Both recording artistes and cable TV channels make sure they carefully fulfil every regulatory obligation so nobody yanks them or sues their ass off. They put age restriction notices on their programmes and Parental Advisory Explicit Content badges come with every song emblem these days.

Yet every day kids watch what they are not supposed to watch, especially online. So we feel we have to put this out there. If you are an adult every child around belongs to you too. Unless you are among the crazy ones you should do everything in your power to keep our kids away from these music videos and every one like them.

Spare the snitching and you spoil the child. Tell their mother, their father, their cousins, their uncles and their aunties; announce it in church the next Sunday. If you ever find any kid below the age of 18 watching any of these videos please do something to stop them.

Please. Our very future depends on it, like seriously. We don’t really care if you enjoy them. Here’s a countdown of the top ten.


  1. Cassper Nyovest ft Doc Shebeleza – Monate So

This is so adult it should have come with an 18+ watermark. Good work Cassper, just keep it away from our children.

  1. Flavour – Sexy Rosey ft. P-Square

Ok, these three are the kings of Nigerian music. But this particular effort is not for the consumption of children. It can only be watched at home maybe after you have read the kids to sleep, or you have safely ascertained that they are all asleep.

  1. Mc Galaxy ft Beniton x Double Dose Twins – Bounce It Remix

MC Galaxy is a good guy. Must be. At the beginning of this video you can clearly see the disclaimer: this video is rated 18+. Way to go, Galaxy. Way to go. Responsibility is everything.

  1. Mr Eazi ft Lil Kesh – Sample You

One of my favourite tunes. If anybody catches me in hell over bad things I watched online it would probably be partly because of this video. But definitely not for children.

  1. Babes Wodumo ft Mampintsha – Wololo

I remember the first time I watched this video. I was like WTF. Exactly what I mouthed. That Wodumo’s solo bit must remain sacrilege to young and impressionable African minds.

  1. Heavy-K feat. Thulasizwe – Ziyamporoma

It makes business sense for artistes to make this kind of video. Strictly out of watch bound for African kids.

  1. L’vovo Derrango ft. Mampintsha – Next Better Man

Here is Manpintsha again, surprise surprise, this time hanging out with Derrango. Sing one song for church Manpintsha!

  1. Big Nuz – Phaqa

Another so called banger. It is a banger, as long as it is kept away from the curious eyes of the next generation.

  1. Kofi Olomide – Cle Boa

Whatever is African in this video is strictly for adults. Nuff said!

  1. Maheeda – Naija Bad Girl

Maheeda is Nigeria’s own Nicki Minaj, some of her bitter haters would say without much of Nicki’s music talents too. Anyhow you want to see it you cannot take the coarse and the raunchy from Maheeda’s sail. The ship will sink.


Watch responsibly.


odega shawa

IG: @shawa_kalakutabooks

twitter: @shawa2008